Saturday, 31 May 2014

AAY AAY Captain

My beloved 98 Navigator (or clunker as defined by President Obama, Gas-guzzler as defined by you?, it gets about 12 miles per 1 gallon of premium gasoline) is getting fixed up today and I am parting my 7 cold hard Benjamin's to my trusted mechanic, Stan (ignition coils, spark plugs, transmission flush, fuel system, air, and other minor works) Some people would probably think that I am a thoughtless, irrational Man, polluting the environment, and would advise me not to be too emotionally attached with my possession and that I should be getting a newer vehicle. But my friend, this Navigator is one of my best investment in my young life and I am expecting to get at least another 5 more years out of it. Talking about sentimental value! Thanks to the United States' revolution in hydraulic fracture, I should be safe with the gasoline bill for foreseeable future. With me living within running distance from work and if you to think that I am responsible for depleting the world's finite natural resource then I will just going to turn natural and run to work, and you will all be SOL. But the most important fact, my precious little daughter approves the vehicle. It helps as she is allowed to play AAY AAY Captain all the time.

Friday, 30 May 2014

nho toc bac

I don't know what other cultures consider relaxing to be, but according to a lot of Vietnamese men (my dad in particular) really enjoys getting his silver hair pluck out. Living in a country where hair is considered an important asset for a man's ego or pride, my dad just doesn't seem to care. I don't remember and have lost count how many time I, Andy, and my mom have pluck his hair already. His hairs on his head always find its own way to grow back up. Everything, after plucking around 10 hairs out, he falls into a deep sleep like a toddler at peace. Though it may seem really weird for the American culture, plucking his hair had tremendously increased our level of communication and connection with each other.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

zuma beach

This year, to make picnics more fun, our church decided to celebrate Memorial Day at Zuma Beach. Fortunately, the weather was incredibly good. But not that much people showed up. Approximately 20 people showed up (despite an hour and a half drive) and had a lot of fun. 

Today, I was the only one (out of everyone at church) to swim. The waves are not that bad, but the (really hot) life guard was worried about me and insisted that I should swim where the water's level is at waist line. Can you believe it? She swam towards me and tell me to grab on her floating yellow thingy (or whatever you called it) and I was a bit pissed off. Until, well, we both got onto the shore and I notice that she is crazy hot with a big booty. Yeah... Then I move on to another spot to swim (only to think about her .. for like 2 minutes before the waves carried me away).

Enjoy some family pictures.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

who let the dogs out?

On April 20, 2014 Lisa gave birth to another 5 puppies. Including these 5, Lisa gave birth to 14 puppies already. That's a crazy number. All thanks to the Mack, all these puppies came out beautiful and healthy. I'd like to keep a couple of these guys, especially the one with the tiger camo stripes! But we don't have anymore rooms for another dog house. Well, maybe next time.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

may kicks

It's May already and time seems to be flying faster than ever before. The weather fluctuates from 70 to 105 degrees almost 3 times in the past 2 weeks. But getting some more kicks doesn't hurt at all, ha. A couple of these (Jordan 1 AJKO and Nike SB x Diamond Supply Co) were bought a while ago, but still I'd like to include them here. Out of these 5, my favorite here is the Nike Air Max 90 Atmos Duck Camo. The colors and execution is top notch.

(edit) may 24: i added picture of roonie fieg x asics gel lyte v "volcano" and extra butter ny x saucony

Sunday, 11 May 2014

mother's day

Mother's day (and father's day) should be celebrated on a daily basis. Taking a quick minute a day to get a hug or a kiss on the cheek from mom isn't so bad. Fortunately, I'm glad that I'm still living under roof ( I know, I know) and I still ask my mom to give me a kiss or a hug at least once a week. I'm glad that my mom possesses an crazy amount of patience for me, at the same time she teaches me daily.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


Upon hearing that Baitme's instagram post about Extra Butter x Saucony "ACES", I immediately floored my gas pedal and screech my tires. Due to a high demand and its popular design, they were sold out just before I arrived at the store. Feeling disappointed, I didn't want to leave the store empty handed. So I decided to take some pictures around the store. Most of these toys reminded me very much of my past collecting Kaws, Dunnys, Labbits, and other designer vinyl toys.

bocce with the bro

A few years back then, David T brought his red/blue set of bocce balls to a church picnic. As boring as it looks, I was fascinated by how simple, yet fun the game can be. Throughout the years I keep procrastinating to buy a set for myself, until now. As soon as we got it, Andy and I took it to the park and had a lot of fun.

There are rules to this game. But Andy and I just play it casually. The loser does 10 push ups per game. I think Andy ended up doing about 100. Me, around 50.


Spring is in full session! (well, almost) As a pham, posting trees, flowers, and pretty much what's going on in the garden is only a natural act. the weather has been ups and downs in the previous week. Can you believe it? The weather jumps from high 60s to low 100s, then plunges down to low 70s, then spikes up again to around 100. With that being said, a lot of plants and trees sprouting and growing as I type this. As a matter of fact, the first picture here is a small pomegranate tree and I'm waiting for my jack fruit seed to start growing.

Enjoy nature.