Saturday, 31 May 2014

AAY AAY Captain

My beloved 98 Navigator (or clunker as defined by President Obama, Gas-guzzler as defined by you?, it gets about 12 miles per 1 gallon of premium gasoline) is getting fixed up today and I am parting my 7 cold hard Benjamin's to my trusted mechanic, Stan (ignition coils, spark plugs, transmission flush, fuel system, air, and other minor works) Some people would probably think that I am a thoughtless, irrational Man, polluting the environment, and would advise me not to be too emotionally attached with my possession and that I should be getting a newer vehicle. But my friend, this Navigator is one of my best investment in my young life and I am expecting to get at least another 5 more years out of it. Talking about sentimental value! Thanks to the United States' revolution in hydraulic fracture, I should be safe with the gasoline bill for foreseeable future. With me living within running distance from work and if you to think that I am responsible for depleting the world's finite natural resource then I will just going to turn natural and run to work, and you will all be SOL. But the most important fact, my precious little daughter approves the vehicle. It helps as she is allowed to play AAY AAY Captain all the time.


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