Sunday, 29 June 2014

june kicks

By far, June is the busiest month of the year. Father's day, Graduations, tight schedule of work, and obviously a massive amount of shoes coming out. I don't know what is it about June, but a lot of these shoes just happen to be released in June. Some of these pictures are from May, which I didn't put into last's month's entry. Some are old but were acquired this month. Enough with the chit-chats. Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


It's better late than never. With that being said, these graduation pictures should have been on this blog 10-15 days ago. After graduation, I never thought that work and reading 20 pages of students' writing would be so time consuming. Although I still have 1 more class to go, the feeling of departing (or finishing school) was very real. 
Before moving on to a new chapter of my life, reflecting and looking back at my past is necessary. The more or longer I live, the clearer I see God's hand at work. The number of miracles and the amount of blessings that God pour down on me is immeasurable. I just want to thank God for he is who he is, family for the incredible amount of patience, and friends for their support. 

May we continue lifting one another up and cheering each other on because the days are short.

Monday, 16 June 2014

many peas in many pods

Mysteriously, I still feel very unease after posting about our gardens (previous couple of posts). For an odd reason, it just wasn't complete without these pictures of mom picking up peas. Because it was so fruitful (or peaful, if you would), I have to dedicate a post for it. Anyways, enjoy these pictures.

God bless. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

june bloom

It is incredibly grey and gloomy here and SoCal. Most people call it June gloom, but for us phamsters, we have a different point of view. Our front garden and plants around the house are greener than ever before. If you go on google earth or google street view, our house is the only one in the entire street to plan our own produce to this degree. Some folks here take it easy and plan a couple of this and a couple of that. But, not us. At this point, the plants have almost surrounded the house and it's making its way towards to roof.

In the eyes a lot of conservative Chinese immigrants and 2nd-3rd generation, we are frugal and healthy. In the eyes of homeowners, we are home wreckers (in a literate sense). In the eyes of meat lovers, we are vegan. But most importantly, our eyes, we just enjoy planting and eating our own organic stuffs. Plain and simply. Although, tendering a garden takes a massive load of time and energy, we have saved thousands of dollars on vegetables. So, we will continue to do so because organic food (obviously) is good for you and taste better.

Stay green.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Graduation c/o 2014

Four years of my life has gone by so fast; I was a very small, frail child entering high school with little thoughts about the future but now I'm am officially an adult ready to traverse the world and learn on my own. This Fall, I will be taking my leave to UC Merced, which is about a six or seven hour drive from where I live, in which I will be studying Computer Science and Engineering but more so, I will be learning how to be a more mature and established person. Even though it was a huge sacrifice I had to make to leave the established nest  that my parents raised me in, it is also a bigger sacrifice and decision that my parents would even let me go far away.  Even though I will be lonely being so far from my family and my closest friends, I know that in my heart, I won't ever be alone. I have made poor decisions in my past and out in this world,there are temptations every minute of the day. Every step I take from this point on will be crucial to my future and it is my job now to become the best of what I want, my parents want, and what my church wants me to be. Each and every biblical lesson, every moral lesson, and every failure I have learned from comes into play into who I will become.  Wish me luck :)