Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Graduation c/o 2014

Four years of my life has gone by so fast; I was a very small, frail child entering high school with little thoughts about the future but now I'm am officially an adult ready to traverse the world and learn on my own. This Fall, I will be taking my leave to UC Merced, which is about a six or seven hour drive from where I live, in which I will be studying Computer Science and Engineering but more so, I will be learning how to be a more mature and established person. Even though it was a huge sacrifice I had to make to leave the established nest  that my parents raised me in, it is also a bigger sacrifice and decision that my parents would even let me go far away.  Even though I will be lonely being so far from my family and my closest friends, I know that in my heart, I won't ever be alone. I have made poor decisions in my past and out in this world,there are temptations every minute of the day. Every step I take from this point on will be crucial to my future and it is my job now to become the best of what I want, my parents want, and what my church wants me to be. Each and every biblical lesson, every moral lesson, and every failure I have learned from comes into play into who I will become.  Wish me luck :)


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