Wednesday, 25 June 2014


It's better late than never. With that being said, these graduation pictures should have been on this blog 10-15 days ago. After graduation, I never thought that work and reading 20 pages of students' writing would be so time consuming. Although I still have 1 more class to go, the feeling of departing (or finishing school) was very real. 
Before moving on to a new chapter of my life, reflecting and looking back at my past is necessary. The more or longer I live, the clearer I see God's hand at work. The number of miracles and the amount of blessings that God pour down on me is immeasurable. I just want to thank God for he is who he is, family for the incredible amount of patience, and friends for their support. 

May we continue lifting one another up and cheering each other on because the days are short.


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