Thursday, 14 August 2014

vbs 2014

this year's vbs was really really successful. although time was short, we managed run things really smooth!. unlike every year, this time (our first time) we go to a field trip and make space galaxy swirl t-shirts, both the adults and kids love it. in a span of 2 days, there were 0 accidents and countless laughs. 

until next year..

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

summer bloom

it has been a while since i last post about gardening / fruits / flowers / and all that nature stuff. here are some recent fruits being grown and harvest at the moment. the day we moved into this house, the front garden seemed like a desert wasteland, but now it looks like a small forest. every now and then hummingbirds and other strange birds fly by. there are plenty of shades and trees around the house. all year round, we almost never use air condition because all these trees provides shades, thus made our house really cool and breezy. 

so right now, we just need to maintain these plants / trees by watering it and giving it proper soil. the rest is eating and enjoy our organic fruits of labor.

i will post about vbs (2 weeks later already ;( and camping from last week sometime after that.) 

until next time...