Sunday, 7 September 2014


I don't remember if we celebrated grandma's 97 last year or did I miss her actual age. To be blunt and honest with you, no one in the family knows her exact age. So year after year, we just keep on counting the number. Whether she is 95, 96, 97, or 100, only God knows. Did she get a birth certificate almost 100 years ago? who knows.. Even if she did have it, bringing a piece of paper along with you to the United States of America 30-40 years ago doesn't seem to make sense. So, why bother with the actual age when we can celebrate the fact that we're alive?

In my experience, after receiving a kidney transplant, everyday is a brand new day. A lot of people say, "same shit different day," and "same old same old. But for me, everyday is a brand new day to celebrate life! Whether i'll be doing something to make progress towards something bigger or doing something new, everyday, in a sense, is a birthday for me.