Wednesday, 24 December 2014

christmas present for mama

it's that time of the year again, when the majority of the population in the us of a are busy hustling and bustling with buying stuffs. i didn't buy much and i didnt have time (and money) to buy much. besides, it's kind of crazy driving around places during this kind of season. on december 22, 2014, it marks the 34th anniversary of my parents marriage together. andy and i spent alot of time thinking and arguing what to buy for them, but we ended up betting nothing at all. during dinner, dad pray and thank God for the gift, which are his children. upon hearing his thankful prayer, i realized alot.

on this christmas, i bought a few stuffs for friends and family. but one of my favorite present to give is this pair of air jordan 11 legend blues for mom.

don't forget, the real reason of christmas is Christ coming to earth and save all of us.

gift, family, and all that matter are secondary

enjoy your christmas and happy new year.


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