Sunday, 25 January 2015

preparing for la marathon 2015

there's a lot going on. rica test, upcoming trips to san francisco and washington, a friend coming over from germany to visit, and possible trip to vietnam this year. 

there's a lot of books that i want to read and finish, as well as movies to watch and a lot of things to do

dreams come and dreams go, it swings by so fast when you're young. before you know it, you're getting older by the minute

with that being said, i've decided to run this year's la marathon with thomas because it's a RARE opportunity for us to bond and talk to each other. i do not remember when was the last time thomas and i compete against each other (maybe sports fest) and bond at the same time

dear stranger reading this blog: hold your love one's hand, talk to them, or bond with them in any ways because life's is short and time is precious


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