Saturday, 28 February 2015

february pick ups

 nike fragment design sock darts : 2nd most comfortable shoe i've own after flyknit chukka. too bad they stop making fyknit chukkas

thank you for the gary payton full court assist to shawn kemp alley oop to these atlantic gel sights clarence. 

i don't know why i bought these jordan oreo 4s, but i did.
impulse buys then follow by remorse buys are the worstt

these shoe trees are a necessary accessory to your shoes, no doubt about that

already in use

no words needed as this is just a repost.

Friday, 27 February 2015

supreme ss15 / kith - pop up store

Do you remember when was the last time you spent an entire day doing nothing? Last Thursday was that kind of day for me. My friend David and I waited in Supreme's line for their Spring/Summer 2015 drop for almost 13 hours long. Guess what, we went home empty handed. 

But on Friday we returned back at 6 am only to see less than 10 people ahead of us. Except for the black Neil Young Tee, everything was still available. I don't understand or know what the fuss is all about regarding Thursday's drop. Pretty sure half of these people lining up don't even know who Neil Young is ( I didn't - until I recognize his music ). Ironically enough, I bought a Neil Young tee and it will probably just sleep there in the closet for years to come...

After getting what we want at supreme, we went to Kith's pop-up store. And here we go again, the line wrapped around the block. Is it time to give up with this chapter and flip the page to move on into a new chapter in life? That question remains to be pondered, haha. 

With that line being there, David and I spent pretty much all day at venice beach then come back for the line to die out to get some shoes in the afternoon. 

That's all folks - see you next time

Sunday, 15 February 2015

what's going on lately?

i specifically want to buy this tea set for thomas, but the dude who shipped it packed it real tight. by squeezing all the foams / bubble wraps he could, he ended breaking 3 cups..
too much of a good thing is harmful

it sucks to see a nice tea set break

my guide, my map, my blueprint
thank God for parents

chi thuy, all the way from Tacoma, WA, came down to see us and we had a great time catching up
planning to fly up there see her soon...

sometime after the marathon???

as usual, the shoe biz is still going on. the flow of this hustle will never stop

this year marks the 10th year of my transplant
i'll do something special about it

marathon : food for thought

it's safe to say that my endurance got better, but at the same time my meal portions are getting bigger. with that being said, in the past 3 months, i think i've put on 8 pounds  (you'll see me in the next post)

anyways, the marathon is less than a month away and i'm ever excited for this challenge...

it will be my second time running a full marathon 


just do it

Thursday, 12 February 2015

tet tet tet tet den roi

hello there,

Tet, or lunar new year, is approaching! like usual, my parents are making banh trung and buying hoa lan. Tet, in Vietnam, is the happiest day and it can last the entire week. Many people spend their entire week taking work off just to celebrate and enjoy being with friends and family. With that being said, it isn't very much like that in the United States of America. The clock here, somehow, ticks faster and work is more demanded. Thus, most people can hardly celebrate for 1 day.

I wish to learn how to make banh trung from my parents so that I can retain our tradition and culture here in the land where time flies and clocks run.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi

Friday, 6 February 2015

Sunday, 1 February 2015

january kicks

it's that time of the month again...

drove to diamond bar (twice) undefeated silver lake, and undefeated la brea to get three pairs. because bait in diamond bar only does raffle, i didn't win. all three pairs were picked up at undfeated locations. sold all of them on ebay and make some quick cash. trips are long and traffic sucks, but making money ain't an easy thing
asics gel lyte iii x mita sneakers "trico"

fortunately, i won this pair via raffle at bait in diamond bar
diadora n9000 x 24 kilates "sol y sombra"

nike air max 1 black history month. i'd call it poor man's jordan 11 concord.
i'm thinking about making an id pair of poor man's jordan 11 concord for myself haha

the hype on these nike flyknit racers black/white was really unnecessary. people buy it on the click when any retailers tweet or make a post about it. i managed to get 2 pairs at nike running and 2 at roadrunnersports.  

nike flyknit racers "seahawks"

undefeated made a mistake by sending me two extra pairs of these asics gel lyte v "false flags" 
initially i hated them because it's black and orange (giants) but now i guess it's not that bad due to the cool 3m laces and speckle soles. maybe i'll wear 1 pair.. maybe..

until next month again...