Sunday, 1 February 2015

january kicks

it's that time of the month again...

drove to diamond bar (twice) undefeated silver lake, and undefeated la brea to get three pairs. because bait in diamond bar only does raffle, i didn't win. all three pairs were picked up at undfeated locations. sold all of them on ebay and make some quick cash. trips are long and traffic sucks, but making money ain't an easy thing
asics gel lyte iii x mita sneakers "trico"

fortunately, i won this pair via raffle at bait in diamond bar
diadora n9000 x 24 kilates "sol y sombra"

nike air max 1 black history month. i'd call it poor man's jordan 11 concord.
i'm thinking about making an id pair of poor man's jordan 11 concord for myself haha

the hype on these nike flyknit racers black/white was really unnecessary. people buy it on the click when any retailers tweet or make a post about it. i managed to get 2 pairs at nike running and 2 at roadrunnersports.  

nike flyknit racers "seahawks"

undefeated made a mistake by sending me two extra pairs of these asics gel lyte v "false flags" 
initially i hated them because it's black and orange (giants) but now i guess it's not that bad due to the cool 3m laces and speckle soles. maybe i'll wear 1 pair.. maybe..

until next month again...


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