Sunday, 26 April 2015

hiking at inspiration point, pasadena

allen asked if i could buy a camera from him and then teach him how to take pictures. no questions asked, i immediately say yes and agree to help a brother from a different mother. since he has a tight schedule, saturdays are ideal. yesterday's weather isn't perfect, but the gloomy clouds and going to hike in inspiration point in pasadena couldn't be better. 

as you may have notice, my pictures are not crispy or clear. I don't know why but it bothers the crap out of me. Is it the lense? Is it my outdated graphic card or CPU? or is it my shaky hand? I hope to get to the bottom of this as soon as i can. so i the meantime, enjoy my blurry pictures and stay tuned.

Learning Calligraphy

My family used to tell me that I always had to improve my handwriting since it it looked like chicken scratches. I decided to practice my handwriting but also write a verse from the Bible while doing so. I have been working on writing/calligraphy/lettering for about a good month but here is my progress so far. Maybe after two or three years I can start writing my own birthday cards and not buy them from CVS.

On some of my works, you can see that there are smudges. These smudges happen because I am left handed and I am quite careless. I'll diligently practice so they don't happen again,

In no way I consider myself "good" but I do this as a way to dedicate my day to a single verse. It goes a long way and I grow a lot through practicing

Friday, 24 April 2015

street snaps ; sunset / la brea

today undefeated dropped those air max 90 hyperfuse "cork" along with air max 90 infrared "patch". so chris and i decided to head out there early and pick them up. along the way, i managed to snap some pictures and enjoy the views.

later during the day, we got stuck in traffic for about 3 hours due to a parade that occured right after we left supreme. however long we waited, it was still a good day thanks to kendrick lamar's - to pimp a butterfly and many other songs haha.

in this exact moment
i choose you &

you choose me

sunset - farmer's market block

david flores' work on calvin and hobbes. to this very day, calvin and hobbes is still one of my favorite comic to read for its complexity and humor


la brea

right before traffic occurs

what to do when it is bumper to bumper.. snap pictures.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

supreme stickers

just a couple of years ago, i had alot of stickers and liked to collect them. but for some random ass reason i decided to sell them. yes i did. i sold alot of older and harder to find ones too (grip tape, og holographic, fuck bush, last supper, and you name it..)

now.. for some random ass reason i like stickers again and decided to do it again. hopefully this time, i'd just leave them alone and not sell them just because i "dislike" them at one point.

luckily, i have a friend in japan who can help me find older stickers, pins, and other things that i may be looking for. well, we make mistakes and we move on. enjoy these random sticker pictures - 

each side of its page will have its own theme.

box logo tee stickers

black / white 
cdg 1 & cdg 2

fuck you pay me
fuck you we do what we want

random supreme cliches 
sporadic sticker sheet (don't remember the name)

neon sheet
h.r. giger
joy division

andrei molodkin
fiction characters - color theme

these are laying around waiting to be completed and will soon be posted inside portfolio

march acquisitions

i suppose supreme and streetwear in general is still cool. lately, it's been quiet or maybe i'm getting old to "like" EVERYTHING supreme drops. nowadays, i pick certain pieces that i like and maybe.. just maybe use it and wear it.

sad but true, but some pieces will probably remain useless and motionless in my closet for years to come..  
why? is it impulse buy?, is it for keepsake?, or simply liking it? Maybe all three. Maybe none..

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures

ronnie fieg x puma r698 tokyo sakura project : quality!

ss15 supreme bucket hat : summer is calling

ssur mercy tee : praying hand.emoji

floral polo : because real men wear floral

fuck tote : beach bag..

supreme x undercover "molested" hoody.

as mentioned before - this is one of those things that will remain in my closet because it hardly rains here

trying to finish it up. help me.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

melrose graffs

spent half a day with andrew going to supreme / rif and eat at umami. wandering around melrose alleys and art districts in downtown/lil tokyo and took some random graffiti pieces.