Sunday, 12 April 2015

march acquisitions

i suppose supreme and streetwear in general is still cool. lately, it's been quiet or maybe i'm getting old to "like" EVERYTHING supreme drops. nowadays, i pick certain pieces that i like and maybe.. just maybe use it and wear it.

sad but true, but some pieces will probably remain useless and motionless in my closet for years to come..  
why? is it impulse buy?, is it for keepsake?, or simply liking it? Maybe all three. Maybe none..

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures

ronnie fieg x puma r698 tokyo sakura project : quality!

ss15 supreme bucket hat : summer is calling

ssur mercy tee : praying hand.emoji

floral polo : because real men wear floral

fuck tote : beach bag..

supreme x undercover "molested" hoody.

as mentioned before - this is one of those things that will remain in my closet because it hardly rains here

trying to finish it up. help me.


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