Sunday, 12 April 2015

supreme stickers

just a couple of years ago, i had alot of stickers and liked to collect them. but for some random ass reason i decided to sell them. yes i did. i sold alot of older and harder to find ones too (grip tape, og holographic, fuck bush, last supper, and you name it..)

now.. for some random ass reason i like stickers again and decided to do it again. hopefully this time, i'd just leave them alone and not sell them just because i "dislike" them at one point.

luckily, i have a friend in japan who can help me find older stickers, pins, and other things that i may be looking for. well, we make mistakes and we move on. enjoy these random sticker pictures - 

each side of its page will have its own theme.

box logo tee stickers

black / white 
cdg 1 & cdg 2

fuck you pay me
fuck you we do what we want

random supreme cliches 
sporadic sticker sheet (don't remember the name)

neon sheet
h.r. giger
joy division

andrei molodkin
fiction characters - color theme

these are laying around waiting to be completed and will soon be posted inside portfolio


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