Friday, 1 May 2015

portraits : break out of the comfort zone

throughout my life, i've be around here and there. after meeting people in different times, i did not really take pictures of them. now that i have time and i have the energy to go around, I will be uploading some portraits. it will (mostly) be random strangers at a random time.

andy suggested me to talk and "interview" random strangers to get different perspective and just to have fun. i'm going to work on that. until then.. enjoy these pictures..

not a stranger here, but i felt that his wrinkles and his stoic feature of his face is so damn intrigue and interesting so i though i take a picture of my cousin's grandfather.

this old man is really humble! i asked him if i could take a picture of him and he was being really nice about it.
after i thank him, he bow his head down and thank no problem and he thanks me.

i wish that i could've ask him for his name and have a short conversation with him.