Tuesday, 25 August 2015

catching up 2/2

at church with ohana

bac hai

6th floor - pershing square

in remembrance of thao's grandfather dinner
many things were learned that night in regards to culture customs and value

practice shooting on mother's day for the church

actual shooting

i got inked by the one and only kari barba.

catching up 1/2

prior to my previous post, this blog has been sleeping for more than three months. i suppose this is a good opportunity to upload some crappy phone photos up. among a few thousand, i decided to post around 16 for old time's sake.

drinking with my best friend at wurstkuche on a random day.

for a while, i was hooked on tea. so for a good few months, i took andy out to many places that have "ok" tea. i.e. intelligensia, tastea.
now, i just buy regular ice tea at starbucks for my daily dose of energy

quiet date a long time ago at butterfly beach. mixed feelings and mixed thoughts. all that is over now.

cinco puntos (five points) tacos has The Best tacos. trust me on this. homemade, on the spot, tortilla and fresh pulled pork is not something you want to miss out on.


la marathon 2015

monrovia canyon trail

saturday night taco trucks

sneaker shopping with my niece. she on that elsa flip flop and hello kitty lights sneaker game.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

san francisco trip

it's been three months since i last post on here. so i thought i revive this blog and keep track of my stuffs. or at least what i do and eat..

so, last weekend we took andy back to merced for work and school. despite being in the united states for 17 years now, my parents never had an opportunity to visit the bay area. they've always wanted to see the golden gate bridge. for that reason, taking andy back to school then took them to san francisco to see the bridge was an ideal trip for all of us. we left on saturday at 3:00 and came back home on sunday at 1:00pm. the drive and the ride was long and tedious, but overall, i learn a lot about my folks.

places we go to for 1 day;
golden gate bridge
fisherman's wharf
pier 39
coit tower
pho tau bay in san jose  - for real

until next time..

here at the bridge

these three rocks here have always been my main attraction when i visit this bridge. always a sight to see for a long drive sore eye

you know how it is..

on the way home from freeway 152. we left early at 6:00am and arrive on top of this mountain on freeway 152. because of the time, it was incredibly foggy and difficult to drive, especially mountains. many 18 wheeler had to pull over and wait until the fog clears up, but we decided to go anyway. 
upon reaching the top, i only wish this fog will soon clear up. to my surprise, the sun was shinning on the other side of the mountain. so slowly, realy slowly, the light and its radiance changes the whole picture from foggy to bright warm sunlight. 

on the mountain top with this view, words cannot describe it. something i will remember for a long long time.