Tuesday, 25 August 2015

catching up 1/2

prior to my previous post, this blog has been sleeping for more than three months. i suppose this is a good opportunity to upload some crappy phone photos up. among a few thousand, i decided to post around 16 for old time's sake.

drinking with my best friend at wurstkuche on a random day.

for a while, i was hooked on tea. so for a good few months, i took andy out to many places that have "ok" tea. i.e. intelligensia, tastea.
now, i just buy regular ice tea at starbucks for my daily dose of energy

quiet date a long time ago at butterfly beach. mixed feelings and mixed thoughts. all that is over now.

cinco puntos (five points) tacos has The Best tacos. trust me on this. homemade, on the spot, tortilla and fresh pulled pork is not something you want to miss out on.


la marathon 2015

monrovia canyon trail

saturday night taco trucks

sneaker shopping with my niece. she on that elsa flip flop and hello kitty lights sneaker game.


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