Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Catching up...

I'm flying out to Fayetteville, NC tomorrow to go on an "across the country road trip" with my brother, father, and father's friend. It's rather a rare and unique, once in a life time, opportunity, to do this. I'm excited like never before. It's 8:00 PM now and my flight is 5:00AM, yet I still haven't packed yet haha. But before that, I feel that this blog has been neglected for the past few months. So, these pictures here are just a fraction of what/who/where/when/why/how of the past few months. I hope to find some more time to take pictures and blog in the near future.

If you like chocolate milk, this is it for you. Family in the business for more or less than 100 years and their yelp rating is a perfect 5. Enough said..

While gardening, a piece of rusted metal stabbed by a piece of my foot and sliced its way through. The wound is no big deal, but it was one inch away from having my Achilles torn. Thank God big time for this one.

This was taken right after we got back from San Francisco.

Took Allen and Phung out to get some pizza. After all, pizza is ok for any and every occasion.

Initially I hated the idea of throwing salt and chili into my beer, but I caved in thanks to curiosity. The drink tastes pretty good, but it's so bad for your health. Anyways, this was taken when the Dodgers swept the giants. with/ Phillip and Luke

After Dodgers games, we usually get ramen, taco, pizza, or whatever we feel like eating.

At home, harvest occurs everyday. It varies and differs everyday. But we always harvest. There is so much now that we can't keep up with it. So every weekend, we bring most of it for the church.

Thanks to some dude. As much as I like my Lunarglide 3, these Pegasus 32 fits better.


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