Sunday, 20 September 2015

miller canyon camping

Another year, another opportunity to go camping and serve as a driver for the church. I'm getting older now. As you get older, your energy level dwindles away. Hobbies and past times are "I want to be alone" time. Your thought process changes and you begin to be selective more than ever before. Throughout this camping trip, I've learn a lot about human nature. That is, a lot of people can be pretty selfish. Unlike other years, not many people attended this year. Because of that, Lai and I had to put ourselves out there to work hard so people can enjoy this trip. Many just come and go as they're please. That means, Lai and I set up the tent and clean up after them. The U-Haul is basically a "trash can" for us to carry their load and clean up. Which is kinda sad.

Anyways, back to the camp...  The weather during the day is ideal, ranging from 68 to 76 degrees. Despite being in the middle of mountains, it was t-shirt all day kind of weather. Which is really nice. But at night, the weather drops down to 45-50 degree. I had to use two blankets and hoodie to sleep. Many others couldn't sleep because they did not anticipate this kind of weather. After all, los angeles (at that time) was scorching at 95-100 degrees.

Our drive was about 1.5 hours

Hydro Flask bottles are very durable and comes in very handy. Do you want to keep your cold water for two days straight, regardless of the environment? Buy this brand. Problem solved.

After an extremely short hike, David taught this kids a few things or two.
Glad to see Dodgers hat and Lakers jersey.

 I'm out of touch with the education system, but for them to bring homework over Labor Day weekend to catch up say a lot. 


Organizing games.

Curiosity and wonder is what we should all strive to do, regardless of our age.


Though we may have a lot of work, we work together.


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