Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Lately, I've been doing a lot of morning workout at Almansor Park and sprinting at Rosemead High School during the evening. Almost everyday, I would go to the park to catch Pokemon, Sprint with a parachute on, walk the circuit, play hacky sack, do yoga, or just walk around to recover my muscles. Then I head out to Starbucks to get a tea or coffee with my friend Allan and Jack. With a lot of chat exchanges, I found out that Allan is a personal friend of Phillip Tan. Then I inquire him to talk more about him and Philip Tan. One thing leads to another and he brought a couple of mugs to show me. 

These mugs are pretty much "casually" sketched on. One day, it would be cool to have Philip do one for me. One day..

Here's my 2002 Starbucks Mosaic Cups. Because I've been drinking a lot of teas lately, might as well get a nice cup to carry around. Maybe I'll get a couple more to switch from day to day.