Friday, 16 September 2016

Memorial Weekend Camp

This year's summer camp with the church has been really mellow. I couldn't ask for any better. This year, our location was at El Capitan State Beach, it is known for its serenity, cool weather, and it next to the beach (5 minutes walk). My parents only went for 1 day, but I stay for 4 days. Being captain solo, I decided to spend most of my time running, fishing, swimming, and doing whatever I can find my hands on while being here. 

Sunday's wind was so strong, it roll a few tents over and snapped my tent's cable. Despite knowing for its weather, nature is unpredictable at anytime.

caught a brownish bass, no idea what the name is. 
decided to cook it and eat it.

2 camps in the same month with these 2.

scavenger hunt.

head chef.

i'm still surprise that i learned a few things from jasmine regarding photography. she took solid candid ones and her framing skill was on point.


catching sand crab for baits.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

September 16 : Pick Ups

Another month, another package.