Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I'm currently a substitute teacher for charter school in los angeles. though the pay could be better, but beggars can't be choosers after all. Almost everyday, I meet new students and new staff at different school. It's a great experience to see different lesson plans, classroom management skills, students at different age / stage of development, and district/ schools before I plan to be a full time permanent teacher.
Hopefully, I can get myself into LAUSD and teach there real soon.
At first, it was difficult to be a substitute teacher. Not because the skills and knowledge to teach, but it's the nature of the job. Students treat you like a "nobody" and they have almost no respect for substitute teacher. At the same time, getting attention from students and having to work requires a certain leadership and authority skill because a substitute never knew them. 

I've learn so much from students in the past few weeks. My teaching and classroom management skills appear to be better than before. I know this for sure because when I return to a school I've sub before, the kids don't want to mess around with me anymore. Instead, they have certain respect for me and some want to stick with me in the class instead of going to lunch or recess. 

Until next time..