Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Allen's Bachelor Party

So.. my buddy's gonna get marry next year and he's busier than ever before. That being said, we decided to go skydiving (Which I wasn't really interested in doing in the first place) in San Diego. The night before we stay over a house in Oceanside via AirBnB eating tacos and kicking it. I had 2 strong ipa beers and passed out before 10pm. Those guys played card games and being their usual loud selves until 2am.

Next day, the weather was so cloudy that they had to cancel the event for the entire day. With a downcast face and a gloomy weather, we drove to get boba and walked around Old Town San Diego. One of the highlight was Allen getting pushed out then get kick out again. I wasn't there to see it, but he sure did have fun. At night, we had bbq at phil and drove home. That was pretty much it. We had a lot of fun this weekend. The weather could've been better, but hey there's nothing you can do against the weather.


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