Tuesday, 10 January 2017

January 17 : Pick ups

Pretty much the summary of what came last month. After all this flux of Adidas and Bape, I think I'm going pass on them. Aside from the "boost" mid sole, there isn't any great about it. It's not even good from running long distance, as there isn't that much support.

Andy got lucky on those RF Ultra boost. I suppose everything here is going straight to eBay, except for some shirts. Overall, it's been a good month

3x RF UB, 3x Naked UB, 2x Bape x Reebok, 2x RF Response, 1x CNCPTS EQT 93

Beer Me

I know this isn't cool to some people's standards of living, But i think drinking beer is alright. It's nothing crazy or bad, as long as you keep it low and moderate it. 

Recently, a friend from Georgia sent me some craft beer over for me to try. He asked if I can pick up some Monkish beers and pliny the elder. I had no idea what they are and where I can find them. After spending some time researching and figuring out where I can get them, I find it pretty fun to go after these "hunts". The thought of lining up for beers and it gets instantly sold out never cross my mind until I look into it. I just never thought that people roll deep for beer like this. 

After two weeks, I finally manage to grab some Monkish "Foggy Window" beer. As soon as I saw the post on Instagram, I floor my gas pedal to Torrance and line up for them. There were around 125 people ahead of me and about 200 people behind me. They were sold out not long after I bought them, A lot of people on Instagram from all over the country really want to drink these! 

My first trade on Instagram. I sent a 4-pack of Foggy Window to some guy in New York. He sent 4 beers to me, but he's cool enough to send me an extra + candy!
The last time I had something from Treehouse, I thought it was the best beer I ever had. I can't wait to have dinner and try these beer

Lined up at Monkish with Andy to fill 2 growlers and bought 2 Bombinate bottles. This was my first time lining up for beer. Andy wasn't please with it..