Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Vietnam Trip : Love

our first picture together

Vietnam Trip : Family

Vietnam Trip : Views

If I remember correctly, I traveled up at around 1,000 km. Most of the time, I take the bus traveling from Cai Rong to Ha Nam. Sometimes, I take the taxi and at other times I travel on the moped. Despite my long distance travels, I can't help but take pictures of these views. Hopefully, they will remain the same or change for the better in the future. 

Bridge in Hanoi

One of the condo I stayed at on my first day. Man, Hanoi is mostly Condos now. I'm slowly getting a picture of Hong Kong landscape being the future of Hanoi.

Rice field in Ha Nam. This place is approximately 3 minutes walk from Chu Vinh's house.

A morning run with Vuong.

Song Chanh Bridge

Ha Long 

Where these bricks and rocks laid, it used to be where I lived. There was a small house. One of my aunt let us live there for free. Despite not being blood related, she stepped up big time.

I took time to visit Di Lieu, she wasn't home so we figured out where she is.
Chua o cong 20 (cua ong)

Market at Cai Rong

Builders on Chu Ta's new house.

On the way to Quan Lan

Take a break at Ha Nam

This tree has been here ever since I remember it. It's a pinpoint for me to tell the bus driver where I'm heading to.

Vietnam Trip : Food

Coming back from Vietnam takes quite a while to settle down, getting used to the time zone, and going back to the daily schedule. In about 3 hours, I'm going to head to North Carolina to start a new chapter in my life. It is very tedious, fast, and often mundane here in the busy city of Los Angeles. 

With all that being said, I have to summarize my trip in Vietnam. But first, let's go over some food! The thing about it is, everywhere I go and whoever I vist - there's always good food! So let's break it down on this post.

I went for 3 weeks but there's less than 10 pictures here. You get the idea how much food I enjoy in Vietnam.


First meal in Hanoi. Yen and her husband took me here.

Family meal at Chu Vinh's house

Took Hanh, Thong Cam, and Vuong to Ha Long the whole day.
Before we head home, they took me here.

Bun Ba Keo
The only spot that I like in Cai Rong (for now)

First meal with Mến
After church, we hung out for a bit. Shortly afterwards, we decided to get food (despite the heavy rain)

Very hearty meal at Mến's house in Quan Lan

The usual meal. Nem was my favorite thing to eat while in Quang Yen

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Smaller Room, Food, and Father's Day

There's a couple that moved into my room recently. Which means, I have to move into a smaller room. To my surprise, the smaller room is much better for me. Despite a little hotter due the wind not going into my room, I like how I set it up.

Korean BBQ with the media team. I initially have this idea of us going out once every quarter (3 months) to catch up, freshen up, and to be outside. This year, we missed the 1st quarter, but thankfully we were able to hang out and eat at Ham Ji Park.

Ever since my discovery of this Japanese restaurant called Duck. The Donburi always manage its way into my craving top list. It's always homely and warm to eat here

Father's Day at church. I washed a few dishes and pot with Anh Thanh. Great times!

Family portrait on Father's Day at church

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Catching Up with the Times

As the title suggested. Although a lot has happened, but I'm posting a few pictures here just to fill in the gap for certain events / food..

Los Cinco Puntos is still, hands down, the best taco spot in Los Angeles

In many posts before, I posted quite a lot of craft beer. Even to the point of lining up for craft beer and trading beers to other people.
Anyways, this release was from last year and I haven't had beer since then. 

It's a terrible hobby and choice to drink craft beer as they're expensive

Dodgers game with Ohana

10 East 

Ombre flannels by Supreme in 2009 is by far the best flannels I've seen

Mom got a transplant in December 31, 2017. Her surgery was completed overnight. What a new year gift!

Easter weekend at Mother Beach in Long Beach

Been fishing for a lot of mackerel with Chu Tu in Long Beach