Saturday, 26 May 2018

Catching Up with the Times

As the title suggested. Although a lot has happened, but I'm posting a few pictures here just to fill in the gap for certain events / food..

Los Cinco Puntos is still, hands down, the best taco spot in Los Angeles

In many posts before, I posted quite a lot of craft beer. Even to the point of lining up for craft beer and trading beers to other people.
Anyways, this release was from last year and I haven't had beer since then. 

It's a terrible hobby and choice to drink craft beer as they're expensive

Dodgers game with Ohana

10 East 

Ombre flannels by Supreme in 2009 is by far the best flannels I've seen

Mom got a transplant in December 31, 2017. Her surgery was completed overnight. What a new year gift!

Easter weekend at Mother Beach in Long Beach

Been fishing for a lot of mackerel with Chu Tu in Long Beach


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