Saturday, 26 May 2018

Supreme Sticker Collection

Besides Supreme pins, I also like to collect Supreme stickers. 

In the past year or so, the price of Supreme stickers have been exponentially increasing like a rocket shooting for the moon. That applies to pretty much majority of supreme related stuff. That said, I have also been reselling and buying to collect stickers heavily. 

There's about 30 stickers that I need to get to finish the entire collection (given that these 30 stickers can easily cost .. like 10k?). That said, I'm pretty content with what I have and I can rest easy now because they're becoming near impossible to find nowadays.

One portfolio has been complete and the second one is still in progress. In the meantime, enjoy these 4 pictures.


  1. Hi there. I want to start my own Supreme sticker collection but I am wondering where you got your binder from to hold the stickers as I am looking for one. Thanks