Thursday, 28 June 2018

Smaller Room, Food, and Father's Day

There's a couple that moved into my room recently. Which means, I have to move into a smaller room. To my surprise, the smaller room is much better for me. Despite a little hotter due the wind not going into my room, I like how I set it up.

Korean BBQ with the media team. I initially have this idea of us going out once every quarter (3 months) to catch up, freshen up, and to be outside. This year, we missed the 1st quarter, but thankfully we were able to hang out and eat at Ham Ji Park.

Ever since my discovery of this Japanese restaurant called Duck. The Donburi always manage its way into my craving top list. It's always homely and warm to eat here

Father's Day at church. I washed a few dishes and pot with Anh Thanh. Great times!

Family portrait on Father's Day at church


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