Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Vietnam Trip : Views

If I remember correctly, I traveled up at around 1,000 km. Most of the time, I take the bus traveling from Cai Rong to Ha Nam. Sometimes, I take the taxi and at other times I travel on the moped. Despite my long distance travels, I can't help but take pictures of these views. Hopefully, they will remain the same or change for the better in the future. 

Bridge in Hanoi

One of the condo I stayed at on my first day. Man, Hanoi is mostly Condos now. I'm slowly getting a picture of Hong Kong landscape being the future of Hanoi.

Rice field in Ha Nam. This place is approximately 3 minutes walk from Chu Vinh's house.

A morning run with Vuong.

Song Chanh Bridge

Ha Long 

Where these bricks and rocks laid, it used to be where I lived. There was a small house. One of my aunt let us live there for free. Despite not being blood related, she stepped up big time.

I took time to visit Di Lieu, she wasn't home so we figured out where she is.
Chua o cong 20 (cua ong)

Market at Cai Rong

Builders on Chu Ta's new house.

On the way to Quan Lan

Take a break at Ha Nam

This tree has been here ever since I remember it. It's a pinpoint for me to tell the bus driver where I'm heading to.


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