Wednesday, 4 September 2019

End of an era.

When did I start collecting pins? I don't remember when, but it felt like it was forever! I suppose the passion and joy of new releases (especially the ones that came from a jacket) is fun. However, it is tiring and expensive for little pieces of metal. Over the past 5 years - I have talked to all kinds of people; seller, buyers, collectors, ebay-ers, and all sorts of people from alot of different places online related to the pin adventure. Whatever anything may be, it will inevitably will come to an end. 

Lucky for me, I didn't spend anytime looking for a buyer. But the buyer found my post on instagram and just bought them all. Flawless and quick transaction as well, despite the large number he transferred. It's quite bittersweet to let it go, but it's a good thing as I don't really pay attention to it anymore.

Entire set.

Out of the frame

This picture has so much memories intact to it haha. All these pins only came with a schott jacket. That said, in order for you to get each pin; you'd have to buy a jacket. As for me, I search everyday and ask people to separate it for me and I'd pay a lot for each.


Some very very rare and old pins

One of the reason why I stop was mainly because Schott's pin and these. Supreme simply force you to buy a certain apparel in order to get a pin. Asking people to separate it or pay a large sum of money for it is just absurd.


Saturday, 31 August 2019

3 Months in Vietnam

It's been a year since I last logged into my blog . Time flies and a lot has happened. Mostly for the good! There are so much details and events that occur last year but I'm going to recap my 3 months in Vietnam. The best 3 months of my life so far. I was in Vietnam and married the love of my life. In that 3 months, I have learn countless of things and lessons that school can never offer. Right now, I feel very happy and I miss my wife very much. She will be in the United States in about a year and I can't wait to live and spend the rest of my life with her.

Pictures are not in order. But at least they look pretty cool :)

View from Hotel Lily

On our way home from our wedding photo shoot

Ha Long

This is the first restaurant we ate at together. We came back :)

Wedding day was very happy and very hot

Cafe Horizon. Beautiful views

 Cafe Me Linh


Phan Thiet. Trai He

Oyster harvesting with the father in law

Took the sisters to Ha Long Park

Sending me off at the aiport  

Hanoi with that dumb haircut 

Quan Lan Photo shoot 

Ceremony. That smile tho :)

Grandpa showed me around quan lan